single black female, addicted to retail.

I used to love her.

single black female, addicted to retail.


so u black
and u not offended
u want your ‘special snowflake easygoing negro’ award shipped to you via fedex or ups ????

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Rough sex is the manifestation of romance. You trust someone so much that you let them do whatever they want with one thing that is yours.

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Never trust a person who can’t gracefully accept that they shouldn’t say certain words due to violent histories of those said words

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oppressed groups cant oppress their oppressors because they dont have the power because thats part of what being oppressed is. how hard is this to grasp

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how i compliment other black women in public



'your hair right now, tho?!'

'MAAM. that dress…'

'yes, honey, i see you'

'you're everything right now, you hear me? everything'

Literally me..? Lmao..

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• a transphobic woman is not a feminist
• a racist woman is not a feminist
• a homophobic woman is not a feminist
• an ableist woman is not a feminist
• exclusionary feminism is not feminism

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White people get mad over things like the picture of one direction walking on abbey road, or wearing a band t shirt when you don’t listen to the music, calling it “disrespectful” but when it comes to cultural appropriation and stealing marginalized people’s most sacred traditions, they’re like “oh, we’re just appreciating your culture, stop getting so angry” while throwing paint at each other and prancing around in cheap, craft store, feather headdresses

this bitch on my dashboard was mad because john green has a fetish for geek girls. TUH. 

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